Solomons today

Back in 1884, our founder Saul Solomon began serving the people of Dunedin and Otago. He was known for his strong work ethic and attention to detail. Just like Saul, our team works hard with precision and accuracy to help our clients realise their goals.

Solomons Today

Fresh and dynamic

Our clients enjoy the fresh and energetic approach we bring to their work, and the results we achieve together. Our team offers valuable experience, expertise and multi-disciplinary skillsets with a balanced mix of gender, cultural background and age.

Fresh and dynamic | Solomons

Purpose designed workspace

Designed and built to complement the way we work, our contemporary workspace at 1 Bond Street is a nice mix of intimate, private meeting rooms and open collaborative areas. Within a significant Dunedin cultural precinct, our stunning views remind us not only of our long history of serving the people of Dunedin but also of the thriving optimistic place our City is today.

Designed Workspace